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Home page – Do you have a hunger to travel the world and do some hashing while you’re at it, but you’re not sure where and when to go??

Then look no further, right here at HHH World Events you can find what is happening in major events world wide in the Hashing community.

To help you find an event in the area you want, we list events roughly by “Continent” then by date, there are several other pages with listings such as “This Month”, “Next Month” and “All Events” so finding what you want is very easy.

If you are planning an event and have a particular date in mind, but would like to avoid a arrow_reddate conflict, simply click on that date in the Calendar over in the sidebar on the right and it will show you what else is on already for that date. 

HHH Kennels and HHH Organisations:

Does your Kennel have a significant event planned ??

Does you Kennel have a significant Anniversary coming up ???

Does Your Kennel have something significant you would like to share with the rest of the world, then submit it here for all to see, it’s free and simple. CLICK HERE

Hashers are well known for their love of travelling the world, hashing with new kennels and making lifetime friends, so let everyone know that you have something planned.

We also offer website creation and hosting on this site for your HHH Event if you don’t have a website of your own, CLICK HERE to read about what we have to offer.

Hash Gear Now Available, we are able to offer Event Organisers, high quality, off the shelf & custom made hash shirts and patches, in Cotton Blend or Airtex fabrics in reasonable quantity’s, made to your specifications, at an affordable price, plus budget priced, assorted Hash knickknacks and paraphernalia. We can also supply custom made beer coolers to your design.

You will be able to submit your design direct from a Quotation/Order form on this site.

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