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Use this form to submit your HHH event.

By submitting your event to HHH World Events, you will guarantee a listing in the International Harrier Magazine “Events Calendar”

You are encouraged to add an image for your event, your kennels logo or a special logo you may have created for the event.

Please be as precise as you can when entering your location, an exact street address or at least the street or road name, so the Google Map will display your location properly.

Also be sure to set, at the very least, a “Start Time” for your event, ie: the time people should arrive or assemble for a single day event or the time your registration desk opens for a multi-day event, the finish time can be the same if you do not know what time the event will end exactly.

Please also add as much compelling information as you can, to describe your event and encourage possible attendees to read on, at the very minimum you should be stating.

  • When: What time does it start;
  • Where: What is the venue name or where should attendees assemble.
  • Value for money: What are the attendees getting for their registration fee.
  • Leave the cost etc, and the nitty gritty details for your own website.
  • If you have a Website for your event, please include the url for the website in the details box.
  • PLEASE DO NOT submit a single paragraph to describe your event, it tells people nothing and takes them nowhere, be a little informative, would you be interested in an event that you know nothing about??
    Please try to write 200 – 300 words to describe you event, it will also make your event easier to find in a search.
  • Take a little time to read what is in the listings of other events, if you are not sure what to write or add.

If you don’t have a website for your event, we will be happy to create one for you, attached to this site, complete with Registration page and Who’s Coming list, for a small fee of course, very affordable and much cheaper than hosting your own website.

PLEASE NOTE: Any event submitted that is not an actual Hash Event will be deleted, please do not submit non-hash events or anything else and waste your time and mine.

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