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If your kennel does not normally use a website to communicate with everyone and you perhaps only have a Facebook page that you use (as many kennels do), then keep reading, we can host your major event on this site with your event page.

Your compelling text, to let everyone looking at this page know what your event is all about, should start right here or preferably in the paragraph above.

Be insightful and tell people what they want to know and compel them to keep reading.

By now, you will have noticed that this page has a different look from the rest of the HHH World Events website.

The reason for that is to show you how we can personalise any page we create for your Hash Event, so it has it’s own look and persona.

Everything from the header image at the top of the page, logos, sidebars & background image, can be customised to suit your needs and tastes, however at the present time, body and text colour cannot be changed without affecting the rest of the HHH World Events site. (PS: We are working on that)

We can also remove the HHH World Events menu bar from just below the Header image, so the menu for your page will appear in the sidebar. We can also remove the Footer area content. (You will notice both are missing from this page)

Over in the sidebar we can add Paypal buttons, Facebook links, Calendars, Photos, Links to other sites etc etc. Your pages and the sidebar will also be free of advertising.

We can add Event Registration forms on this page or a separate page, we can also show a Who’s Coming / Attendees page as well.

We can add an FAQ page, a Contact Form, just about anything you want or expect to find on a website, including Google Maps or embedded video’s.

All this can be had for a minimal fee, obviously the more extensive the work done the higher the cost, but it will pleasantly surprise you just how cheap it is, we are after all, Hashers looking after other Hashers, but we need to feed our kids and still be able to go hashing.

If we are currently hosting an event, you can view that events hosted pages, by using the main menu and looking for the Hosted Event Sites tab under the Home tab. (click here to go back to the full website first)