Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Printing DesignIf you are not aware of the process involved to create our shirts, this Sublimation Printing information page will help you understand the process and why it is so versatile.

The process starts with your design, images, text etc, being readied on the computer by the commercial artist.

Then the image is printed onto a special paper, using a special sublimation printing ink in a mirror image of what is desired in the finished product.

The printed paper and the material Sublimation Printing - Printerwhich can only be a synthetic and preferably a white Polyester, is fed through a special press that heats the material and the sublimation printing ink to around 200°C temperature.

Once hot enough, the pores in the material open up and the sublimation printing process takes place, transferring the ink to the material.

When the material cools down the pores in the material close up, locking the ink in forever and the transfer paper is removed.

The material is then cut into the main body panels, sleeves and piping, before being expertly and lovingly sewn together.

Sublimation PrintingWith sublimation printing, your designs are limited only to your imagination and the availability of suitable, high quality images.

Wherever possible, you should submit to us the largest possible image you can and preferably in a .ai format, however .jpg and .png can both be used, if the images are of a high quality.

So put your thinking caps on, send us the design you would like to see on your event shirt and allow us to give you a quote for them.

You will end up with a shirt that will have the attendees talking about it until they have run their last hash on this mortal earth.

Sublimation Printing – No Limits

Sublimation Printing - No Limits

Footnote: The .ai format is an extension created by the program Adobe Illustrator and is commonly used by commercial artists to make their designs.

Footnote 2: It is advisable to ensure you have the right to use any images that you wish to print on your shirts, we take no responsibility in this regard.

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