SMUTTyCrab SMUTToberfest 2017

SMUTTyCrab SMUTToberfest 2017
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Date(s) - 27/10/2017 - 29/10/2017
12:00 pm - 12:00 am

SMUTTyCrab SMUTToberfest 2017


SMUTTyCrab SMUTToberfest 2017SMUTTyCrab SMUTToberfest 2017, a SMUTTyCrab Hash Campout

Were you just thinking, “How am I going to put the kibosh on this sweet 2017 camping season?”

Well, what better way to cap it off than to come to SMUTTy Crab H3’s 2nd Annual SMUTToberfest “Puttin’ on the Schlitz: A Mel Brooks’ Themed Camp Out” and be whoever you want to be from any Mel Brooks’ films!

We are located at the same venue as last year, Lions Camp Merrick in Nanjemoy, Maryland, with heated cabins (see note below), a full row-style shower house, acres upon acres of woodland to roam in, and a humongous dock on the water where you can crab or fish, if you’d like (see second note below).

We’ll have the classics such as the Frankenstein’s Torchlight Mob (shooting star trail- let Bourbon know if you’d like to bring a shot), The Last Shtupper (a full pig roast), The Great Shlep (an awesome trail), Fershnikit-Off (our annual home-brew competition; please let Bourbon know if you’d like to contribute!), TMI is Pawn in Hash Games of Strife (hash games!), Yogurt’s Moichendising Time (haberdashery sales), Forbidden Dance Time with DJ Tour duh Whore, Lily Von Shtupp’s Power Hours “I’m tired!” (two hour nap/free time), and of course The Inquisition (Sunday morning revival) with the SMUTTy Crab Choir. We’ll have plenty of ice cold yellow beer and scrumptious food to nosh on, too!


You must be 21 years of age to attend this camp out.

There are NO partial weekend regos, and NO walk-in regos.

NO DOGS are allowed at this event, and NO GLASS unless permission is given in advance.

VERY IMPORTANT: No social media tagging! FaceBook automatically geotags photos, and they are uploaded to the FaceBook site for the Lions Camp which looks very bad for us. Please don’t do this; we want to come back here next year.

*Everyone who is rego’d gets a space in a cabin.

If you would like to tent camp, please let us know (there is NO EXTRA FEE as of this time). If you would like to RV camp, we have up to four spaces with electric for $25/night/RV. The fees associated with RV’s are NOT part of your rego; please let Map know ahead of time if you are interested, and fees will be collected at check-in.

**If you wish to crab or fish, we request you have a proper license to do so. Bring your own equipment and bait.

-If you would like a SMUTTyCrab SMUTToberfest shirt, please be sure to choose the option to purchase one and let us know a size.

They are $18, and this is NOT a part of your standard rego fee in order to keep costs to a minimum. ( So your rego would be $118) Thanks!

SMUTTyCrab SMUTToberfest Theme:

Puttin’ on the Schlitz: A Mel Brooks Themed Camp Out

Frankenstein’s Ritz tuxedo, Blazing Saddles cowboy hat, and Pizza the Hutt costume. (Schnitzelgruben will be provided.)