Eurohash 2017

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Date(s) - 03/07/2017 - 09/07/2017
6:00 pm

Eurohash 2017


Eurohash 2017Eurohash 2017

Eurohash 2017 – Vienna Calling

Famous words by a famous Viennese Artist. The best words to invite all Hashers and Harriettes from all over the world to a great Hashing Party!

Vindobona Hash House Harriers celebrate their 35th birthday in 2017! Enough reason to host

EuroHash 2017 in Vienna – Austria.

There is so much to say about Vienna – host of the Eurohash 2017.

It definitely is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, well organised and managed and providing a very high standard of living.

EuroHash 2017 – Programme

At this stage, the programme is preliminary and still subject to change, but here is what we plan:

To start with, we intend to fill the week before EuroHash 2017 with some interesting events. We know a lot of our friends want to take the opportunity to spend some days in Vienna and explore the city. Also we expect a lot of returnees, that still have friends they want to meet. And the 4th of July is a holiday in the US…

Prelubes to EuroHash 2017 in Vienna:

Monday, July 3rd

  • (E-Day – 4) Evening Regular Hash Run with VH3. More details to be announced.

Tuesday, July 4th

  • (E-Day – 3) Day Depending on numbers, we will organize a sight seeing tour in or around Vienna. Details coming up.
  • Evening To be announced. Special Programme for early visitors that want to relax after a day of sight seeing.

Wednesday, July 5th

  • (E-Day – 2) Afternoon /Evening The famous THIRD MAN event. Plans combine a movie show, Third Man safari in Vienna and maybe a beer or two.
  • Come and experience the world of the Third Man!
  • Details can be found on the Third Man-page.

Thursday, July 6th 2017 – THE RED DRESS RUN

July 6th

  • (E-Day – 1) High Noon Registration for Red Dress and EuroHash opens.
  • Receive your Goody Bag, Wrist Bands and some last minute information.
  • Tea Time Red Dress Run (please note, this event is at an extra fee).
  • Evening Pub Crawl/Party in Vienna.

And then of course, we have EuroHash 2017!

Friday, July 7th

  • (E-Day!) Breakfast Touristic Programme. We will provide some touristic venues for those interested. They will be at extra cost and announced later. At this stage we have some rough ideas like:
  • A guided bicycle tour around the city (Bash)
  • A ride with a private and historic tram around the inner city
  • A visit to the big wheel (being part of the VH3 logo!), maybe in private cabins with some cold beers
  • A visit to Laxenburg Castle etc.
  • (Visiting Hares setting off to set the runs…)
  • After Lunch Registration opens. Receive your wrist band and Goody Bags (and some last minute information).
  • Tea Time Eurohash 2017 officially starts with a “Fassanstich” (the traditional ritual of tapping the first barrel of beer). Bars open.
  • Dinner Time:
    • Dinner will be available. Bars keep open.
    • After Dinner Speeches, Announcements (Bars keep open);
    • Presentations for EuroHash 2019 and Vote.
    • After Speeches Dancing and Disco till the end (2 a.m.).
    • Bars stay open till then.

Saturday, July 8th

  • (E-Day+1) Morning Buses leave: Starting with the Ballbreakers. Then the other runs will leave.
  • Until Tea Time All circles will be completed and the busses return home.
  • After Tea Time Bars open again.
  • Dinner will be available.
  • Bars keep open.
  • After Dinner Evening Programme and Party:
    • Bars keep open till the end.
    • During the evening we will have a true Viennese Song Contest amongst other highlights.
    • Wait for more information.

Sunday, July 9th

  • (E-Day+2) Late Morning Hang over runs and walk in and around the city.
  • Lunch Time Final circles.
  • Lunch Time Lunch (Snacks will be provided).
  • After Lunch Closing Ceremony and ONON to EuroHash 2019!

Please note: This programme is still preliminary and might change until we get closer to the event.

For more information please visit the event website CLICK HERE.